Built from a proud tradition of innovation, the Alphaburly Pro is our premium hunting boot. Combining high-quality, scent-free rubber with naturally insulating neoprene, the Alphaburly Pro fears nothing. Not the cold. Not the harsh terrain. Not the challenges of a grueling hunt. It features a thick cushioning EVA midsole for added comfort. An embossed liner for better air circulation. And an adjustable rear gusset for the perfect fit.

Image of a woman sitting with her bow rested next to her wearing rubber camo hunting boots.

In hand-laid premium rubber we trust.

The Alphaburly Pro is built with hand-laid premium, natural rubber over insulating neoprene. As result, it surpasses its full rubber counterparts when it comes to durability, flexibility, and comfort. Lightweight and always long wearing, the Alphaburly Pro won’t crack in the cold, won’t get soft in the heat and won’t ever leave you wanting another boot.

Image of a hunter walking through water away from the camera wearing tall camo rubber hunting boots showing the LaCrosse logo on the bottom.

Stalk. Hunt. Repeat.

Wherever the hunt takes you, the Alphaburly Pro is always ready and able. Its unique tread pattern gives you the traction to move through demanding terrain while its chamfered edges keep you fast on your feet by shedding the mud, the muck and the mayhem below. The Alphaburly Pro features a thick EVA midsole for less weight, more comfort and unequaled hunting performance season after season. It’s good to be the predator.

Close-up image of the top of a rubber hunting boot showing the neoprene upper near the opening and scent free logo on the side.

Roam free scent-free.

The fact is, there’s no better scent suppressing material than rubber. And that’s why for generations, whitetail hunters have been wearing LaCrosse rubber boots. Boots like the Alphaburly Pro. With its full rubber clad over neoprene construction, it combines absolute comfort with unequaled scent protection.

Image of a hunter sitting down and rolling the top of her rubber hunting boots down exposing the bright orange inner liner.

There’s no such thing as hunting too long.

Every hunter wants to hunt longer. The Alphaburly Pro makes it all possible by keeping your feet comfortable no matter the weather conditions, no matter the terrain. Its embossed neoprene liner creates better air circulation while also regulating temperature inside the boot. The optional Thinsulate Ultra Insulation wraps your feet for all-day warmth.

Close-up image of a hunter tightening the upper locking strap of her rubber hunting boot.

Customized to never let your feet down.

Comfort begins with not only the right fitting boot, but the perfect fitting boot. A boot that’s customizable like the Alphaburly Pro. Its durable, neoprene gusset on the back accommodates different calf sizes and makes it easy to slide the boot on and off. To keep the boot from coming loose in thick mud and muck, the Alphaburly's contoured and secured fit grips the ankle and locks the heel place. This means no more chaffing and rubbing because your foot no longer slides around in the boot.

Image of a hunter in all camo climbing a tree.

Durability and flexibility. The perfect hunting partners.

The Alphaburly Pro proves that durability and flexibility can comfortably coexist in a boot. It features three layers of rubber in the toe guard and heel to make it more durable in these high-stress areas and two layers of rubber in the instep for added flexibility where it’s needed most. So no matter where the hunt takes you, rest assured that your boots will be durable, flexible, and, of course, comfortable.

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