Aero Timber Top

Don't let dropping temps and harsh conditions get in the way of your cold-weather work and play. The Aero Timber Top is a modern reimagining of the classic duck boot, blending timeless looks with our innovative Aeroform® technology to keep you warm, dry, and up to the task when the going gets cold, wet, and muddy.

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Close-up image of the toe of a brown leather boot with dark brown rubber across the toe and side resting atop a stump.

Warmth Where There is None

The seamless, ultra-insulating and 100% waterproof AeroForm® shell wraps your entire foot to repel freezing temps and lock in heat for radiating warmth.

Image of a woman collecting eggs in a chicken coop wearing tan leather boots with dark brown bottoms and maroon laces.

Comfort Where You Need it Most

The unique nature of AeroForm® construction provides support as well as insulation, allowing for a lighter overall boot that keeps fatigue at bay and won't weigh you down.

Image of a person cutting kindling wearing tan pants and brown boots.

Tougher Than The Terrain

AeroForm's® firm yet flexible shell has been tested over thousands of miles without cracking or breaking down — unlike traditional rubber construction.

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